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Skin Cancer Symposium, Cape Town, 1-2 March 2024

We hope that local Trade will come out strongly in support of this meeting once again.

Dear Colleagues,

We are very excited to bring you the next Skin Cancer Symposium, 1-2 March 2024!

The event will be co-chaired by Dr Dagmar Whitaker and Dr Sze Wai Chan

The Symposium will bring many international speakers from around the globe, as well as speakers from South Africa.

Topics to be covered in this summit will include sun protection, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, on various stages of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, molecular testing, and surgery related to skin cancer.

In addition to the summit sessions, 3 trade symposia will be held on the morning of 1 March and 2 March as well as over lunch on 2 March.

We believe it is an important academic meeting, supported by the Melanoma Society of South Africa and is aimed at continuous improvement of skin cancer care in our country and continent.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards
Dr Dagmar Whitaker and Dr Sze Wai Chan